House and Garden's food range offers a very powerful yet simple feeding solution for all types of system. We offer main feed lines for all types of growing media and our UK specific grow schedules have been tailored to suit all types of growers. We are also one of the few manufacturers to offer a grow version of our main feed lines, essential for UK growing.

Our supplement range contains some of the best products available in our market and continues to improve as new products are developed.

Base Nutrients

Formulated to give your plants everything they need for a successful grow and bloom:
Aqua Flakes Grow A & B | Aqua Flakes Bloom A & B | Coco Grow A & B | Coco Bloom A & B | Hydro Grow A & B | Hydro Bloom A & B | Soil A & B | Soil Food 1 Component | Bio 1 Comp Soil Food


To be used alongside our base nutrients, our additives will improve the overall health of your plants and increase yield:
Bud XL | Multienzymes | PK 13 - 14 | Root Excelurator Additive | Root Stimulator 1 | Shooting Powder | Top Booster | Top Shooter | Amino Treatment | Algen Extract


Includes some excellent cleaning solutions and supplementary feeds:
Attack Force | Drip Clean | House Cleaner | Magic Green Foliar | Trace Mix


Designed to work with our main feed lines, House and Garden soils are all RHcP stamped for horticulture:
Bat Mix Special | Coco | Light Mix

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